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8 Best Yoga DVD For Intermediate Practitioners

A decent method to benefit from every Yoga session is to work out as per a specific Yoga DVD. 

A yoga DVD will show you not just the best way to practice yoga, but also how to control your breathing and how to fuse new activities into your daily practice. 

So, if you haven’t as of now, you should consider putting resources into a Yoga DVD to push the limits of what your usual Yoga sessions resemble.

To spare you the issue of attempting to make sense of which ones stick out, we set up together a rundown of the best Yoga DVDs out there.


TOP PICK: Yoga Burn

We love this program because you get both DVDs and digital downloads.  They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

1 | Yoga for Beginners 8 Yoga Video Routines for Beginners

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS is the ideal method to be acquainted with Yoga, and it encourages you to investigate and encounter the various advantages of yoga. 

There are 8 schedules to help the manufacturing quality, increment adaptability, improve your wellbeing and essentialness and change what you look like and feel.


  • These DVDs offer choice, allowing the user to customize and change their yoga practice to suit their needs.  
  • Not only do people have different physical needs, but they have different time captivity as well.
  • The video is made to the sequences accessible to as many people as possible, whether they are a beginner or long-time practitioner.


  • It is a bit more challenging.
  • It proceeds to much more demanding routines.
  • Focuses more on the strength and flexibility


Even though it is titled as beginner it has some really powerful workout that would benefit anyone at any level.

2 | Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility, and Mobility

This four 20-minute, calming yoga practices are easy enough that almost anyone can do them. 

Yet it is effective enough to be a part of any regular exercise program to help improve balance, mobility, and flexibility.

​Make your very own training with our adaptable menu: pick one, two or every one of the four of the 20-minute sessions relying upon your body’s needs and timetable. 

Stream ceaselessly starting with one practice then onto the next or do them independently, whatever works best for you.  No past yoga experience vital!


  • This series is designed to let go of stress and tension to open up the neck and shoulders.
  • Focuses on unlocking the joints and freeing the hips.
  • Flow continuously from one practice to the next.


  • It is a bit more challenging to practice.
  • It is nice but not easy to do
  • Demands a lot of workouts


I highly recommend this one if you are overwhelmed deciding which Yoga DVD to buy.  Jessica Smith will ease you into it, but still, give you a slight challenge. 

3 | Rodney Yee’s Best of Yoga

Acclaimed yoga educator Rodney Yee drives you through the “best of” yoga for the present top yoga rehearses! 

Find the advantages of Flow Yoga, Core Yoga, and Power Yoga across the board all NEW Gaiam program.

Rodney guides you through the “best of” postures and successions inside these three kinds of yoga, conveying a definitive yoga experience. 

A computerized duplicate is incorporated with buy.


  • This comprehensive flow practice will improve flexibility.
  • Lengthen the spine and energize your mind and body.
  • One total-body practice that will help tone muscles and build endurance.


  • Prone to injury if instructions are not properly followed
  • It is a worth it but a slow process.
  • It is challenging for the elderly.


Rodney Yee is one of the best Yoga teachers that you can find.  His calming soothing voice will get you all “namasted”

4 | Yoga for Weight Loss

This astounding gathering of yoga DVDs is explicitly intended to enable you to free weight, get conditioned, and increment vitality.

With more than 35 schedules, this thorough accumulation will support both start and further developed understudies’ progress.

Change your body and brain with this master guidance.


  • Increases your strength, flexibility, and energy levels while reducing stress
  • These practices will leave you feeling invigorated, more energetic, and de-stressed.
  • This DVD is perfect for both the beginner and seasoned student alike.


  • It is a bit challenging for beginners who have no experience
  • It is tiring but good for your weight loss
  • Customers feel it is not gentle and is exhaustible.


This is definitely not for beginners.  The routines are an excellent way to start or end your day.

5 | Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

​Jillian Michaels, winning coach on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” presents another yoga exercise, not at all like some other.

Joining in-your-face yoga power presents, with her dynamic preparing procedures, Jillian will get you genuine weight reduction results quick.

YOGA MELTDOWN incorporates two complete 30-minute exercises that incorporate a warm-up and cooldown.

Start with the Level 1 exercise, which spotlights on rapidly streaming yoga successions to consume uber calories.

At that point progress to Level 2, which includes curves and parity models for a considerably more noteworthy consume.


  • Jillian will get you real weight-loss
  • Easy for anyone starting working out for the first time
  • An effective workout for building core strength.


  • It is tougher than a slow-flow yoga class.
  • To do yoga for this much time (without break) can be exhausting.
  • Hardcore yoga poses sometimes can be injurious


It’s Jillian Michaels.. so you know you will get results following this woman.  She has a calming and reassuring energy about her.

6 | Yoga Burn

The free introduction above uncovers and clarifies the track with from home Yoga Burn wellness challenge solely for Women.

This extraordinary routine is intended for Women that might want to encounter the superb advantages of Yoga while having the option to consume calories, deal with their weight, and get into incredible shape simultaneously.

As you’ll see, the Yoga Burn routine is quick-paced and testing and uses the demonstrated principles of movement to enable ladies to trim down, take care of, and get fit.


  • No exercise bands or gym equipment of any kind are required to take.
  • Burn fats and calories
  • Manage their weight and get into great shape


  • Individuals’ results will depend on age, weight, and other biological factors.
  • It is fast-paced and challenging
  • Even though this is gentle, it’s not what I would call easy.


This DVD is our editor’s pick as it does not disappoint.  We love this because you can also get the digital versions when you want to do your workout on vacation.

7 | Yoga Edge – Yoga Rx For Runners, Cyclists, Athletes, Golfers, Weight Training, Hiking, Tennis, Swimmers, Cross Fitness, and More!

Yoga Edge is an enhancement in exercise structure, intended to enable you to prepare better, perform better, recoup better, and feel much improved.

This yoga is for those individuals who don’t do yoga regularly. This yoga is to enable you to gain ground on your days off to take advantage of your present exercise plan.


  • Protects your joints, relieve pain, and enhance your recovery.
  • Strengthen your knees and ankles to run faster, longer
  • Improve your range of motion for more power in your lifts, runs, and sprints.


  • Some of the movements might be above your level.
  • Though it improves run, it is not easy
  • If you are a beginner, it can be challenging for you


This DVD is really intense, but it will help you if you are an athlete looking to increase your workout and stay flexible.

8 | Yoga Strong: Power Yoga For Weight Loss, Mobility, Lean Muscles, And Renewed Energy For Total Body Transformation.

​Get more grounded than you at any point thought conceivable with yoga. This total power yoga molding project isn’t what you’ll discover in an ordinary yoga studio.

Yoga Strong is designed to enable you to construct slender muscles, consume fat, and get kicking butt and taking names.


  • You’ll get the body you want to show off.
  • Yoga Strong turns your body into a well-oiled, efficient, and injury-resistant machine.
  • It’s now easier than ever to incorporate these revolutionary yoga workouts into your existing program.


  • It requires time to work on each part of the body.
  • The workout is intense.
  • To become an injury-resistant machine bit challenging.


Don’t expect to do much slow mediation Yoga with this DVD.  You will really learn some power moves and still get the stretch you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

When you are in a yoga class, especially if that class is enormous, you might be diverted by everyone around you. You may even experience issues seeing the instructor. 

This could further wreck your advancement, and you may end up disheartened.

You won’t have this issue at home – it will simply be you and your picked teacher. You have the additional bit of leeway of squeezing “pause” or “rewind” when a posture isn’t exactly working out.

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YOGA FOR BEGINNERS is the ideal method to be acquainted with Yoga, and it causes you to investigate and encounter the various advantages of yoga.

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Joining in-your-face yoga power presents with her dynamic preparing strategies, Jillian will get you genuine weight reduction results quick.

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Yoga Strong was designed to enable you to manufacture slender muscles, consume fat, and get kicking butt.

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