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Is Hyperbolic Stretching a Scam?

Several online fitness programs make tall claims. They often promise you an easy way to a super sculpted body in a very short time. With every new offering, many swear by it, while some others dismiss them outright.

Therefore, while exploring online, you are bound to come across certain reviews labeled as the hyperbolic stretching scam. 

Hyperbolic Stretching is gaining a reputation as one of the most efficient fitness programs. It is ideal for all those who are aiming at enhancing their body’s flexibility to its optimum. 

Here is one of the program we reviewed:

Best Hyperbolic Stretching Course

hyperbolic stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching

We love this program because it sheds fat off your glutesthighs and calves turning them in to strong, lean muscles..

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

It can help you achieve your potential within four weeks, without the use of any equipment or any other restriction.

Let us review the final aspects of the hyperbolic stretching program and decide first hand.

What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Who doesn’t like a healthy and flexible body and perform acts that they’ve always dreamt of?

Some follow traditional methods like yoga and weight training, while others want to venture out and try something different.

The flexibility of the body is something that everyone aims for, be it an ordinary fitness buff, an athlete, gymnast, or a ballet dancer.

The ancient science of Hatha Yoga focuses mainly on stretching the various muscle groups of the body to their fullest. So do the other similar programs.

Stretching the muscles and ligaments of the entire body is the time tested key to good all-round health. Stretching regularly increases flexibility and prevents injuries.

Hyperbolic Stretching program is a mix of the old and the new. It presents these time-tested concepts in the form of a unique system. While it focuses on the ancient stretching wisdom and procedures, it also includes other relevant scientifically proven information.

This concept leads to a higher rate of increase in strength and flexibility.

It also emphasizes the informational aspect of the power of stretching. This helps in creating a tailor-made solution to help you achieve your goals.

is hyperbolic stretching a scam

What Does Hyperbolic Stretching Involve?

Can you imagine being capable of realizing adequate flexibility and gaining strength in a matter of just 28 days?

That is the claim Hyperbolic Stretching making. It is an online fitness program that guides you in pushing the limits of your body gradually and safely. It aims to make you cross all the barriers that hinder you from attaining full potential. 

There are separate versions for men and women, designed keeping in mind their physiological aspects.

The program incorporates stretching routines that go beyond traditional yoga practices and also have toning exercises. Importantly, it does not involve any weight lifting or gym training that may potentially affect your joints.

Best Hyperbolic Stretching Course

hyperbolic stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching

We love this program because it sheds fat off your glutesthighs and calves turning them in to strong, lean muscles..

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

Hyperbolic Stretching involves a set of exercises after a round of warming up. It makes you achieve a high level of flexibility by following the guided routine for only six minutes per session. This program has well-researched body flexibility routines to give you the ultimate results in a few weeks.

You are bound to feel the enhanced changes in your muscular elasticity and core strength.

As a bonus, you will also experience physical improvement with perfectly formed abs and glutes’ within four weeks.

It presents you with the secret eight-minute formula better health, vitality, and vigor.

You can also experience benefits like better mobility and balance as it eliminates stiffness and muscle tension from your body.

Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching

Why is Stretching important? Well, a simple response to this is that it keeps your muscles intact and retains their original length.

Besides this, it helps in developing evenly and ensures unimpaired movement of your joints.

Some other advantages of stretching include:

  • Attaining a more upright posture
  • An improved spectrum of movement of the joints
  • Develops flexibility of the entire body and prevents injury
hyperbolic stretching

Pros and Cons of Hyperbolic Stretching


  • Toning up your muscles in a gentle, natural manner.
  • Saving in time, with a short warm-up that lasts only 8 minutes.
  • It helps in developing stamina and makes you feel dynamic
  • You increase the flexibility of the ligaments and muscle groups.
  • Suitable for men as well as women of any age group.
  • It comes with simple and easy to understand instructions.
  • Beginners, as well as advanced practitioners, can benefit equally.
  • It comes with a full refund no questions asked money-back guarantee.
  • Hyperbolic Stretching aids in learning new skills
  • It enables you to improve your other talents like yoga, martial arts, and ballet dancing.


  • There is no direct interaction. Hence, there is no check on the involvement level.
  • You may not get the desired result if you skip any steps.
  • Following the instructions wrongly, may lessen the benefits and also cause injury.
  • There are lesser external motivational factors as, unlike a gym, it is not a group event.
  • No perceivable benefits unless you are fairly regular.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

The Hyperbolic Stretching program claims to give better results than those produced by any other form of stretches, including yoga. It increases your muscular flexibility and strength that provides the joints with a wider range of movement.

Hyperbolic stretching is one of the smartest programs and gives astounding results in a very short time. Furthermore, you do not need any heavy equipment or go to the gym for your workouts.

Using the Hyperbolic Stretching program will give you enhanced muscular strength, flexibility, and tone within a matter of four weeks. 

Since it is an online program, you can follow up from just anywhere. By sparing only 8-minutes every day, you will see dramatic results within a matter of four weeks. Not just that, it will also improve your other skills.

Can you ask for anything better?

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What are the Do and Don’ts during hyperbolic stretching?

The stretches should be done deliberately 10 to 15 times, holding the posture at the end of each stretch.

Do not try to overstretch. That can potentially harm the muscles and connective tissues.

Since warm-ups are an essential part of any physical fitness program, hyperbolic stretching should be done more during the winter season.

There are separate programs for men and women. These have been designed keeping various factors like the body’s anatomy in mind. Therefore, you should not mix them up.

What happens if I stop the program midway?

To get the full benefit of the program, you should follow it up regularly for at least 4 weeks. However, if you are not satisfied or do not wish to continue, you can ask for a refund within the warranty period of the refund policy.


In reality, Hyperbolic Stretching scam appears to be a figment of someone’s imagination. In reality, is one of the best online programs to improve your overall fitness. 

It is recommended to use it for a minimum period of 4 weeks. However, you will start seeing the results much earlier.

Your prowess and increased performance in all other activities that you do will also improve. It will help you tone up and strengthen the muscle groups you never knew existed! 

By helping you reach the high fitness level, this program also instills in you matching self-confidence and self-assurance.

Enlisting for the Hyperbolic Stretching is a life-changing event as it will bring improvement in all aspects of your life. Your higher stamina and agility will surely take you places, as far as your career and personal goals are concerned.

Best Hyperbolic Stretching Course

hyperbolic stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching

We love this program because it sheds fat off your glutesthighs and calves turning them in to strong, lean muscles..

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

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