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We all know about stretching, right? Stretching is one of the most important exercises that can be used to improve blood flow within your body.

With the numerous advances in technology, recent research has shown that most people spend more than 8 hours a day seated.

To make it worse, these people do not get any exercise at all. Sitting is one of the harmless activities known to man yet it poses a great danger to your health.

Stretching remains to be one of the most common exercises. The way you carry out your stretching exercises determines the outcomes of the exercise.

There are also a number of stretching courses out there and without any prior knowledge, you might get the wrong course.

In this article, we will narrow down to three of the best stretching courses for women.

best stretching course

#1 Hyperbolic Stretching 2.0 Course

As a woman, you might be wondering, is it really possible for me to get back my muscle flexibility, remove cellulitis, and gain total pelvic strength within the shortest time possible?

The good news is that you can easily gain a strong pelvic floor and muscle flexibility within the shortest time possible using these new techniques covered in this course.

Best Hyperbolic Stretching Course

hyperbolic stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching

We love this program because it sheds fat off your glutesthighs and calves turning them in to strong, lean muscles..

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

And if you never knew, the pelvic disorder is a common problem among most women. There are a few who come out to speak about it openly. In fact, recent research carried out shows that 38.1% of women involved in a study had pelvic disorders.

The pelvic disorder is one of those problems that is eating away your happiness. Some common negative effects associated with the disorder include;

  • Low libido
  • Intimate dryness

Hyperbolic stretching 2.0 program has been accurately designed for women who are looking for natural ways of resolving their pelvic disorders. The program teaches you a number of stretching angles to increase flexibility and pelvic strength.

You can carry out this program from the comfort of your home and the good thing is that you do not need equipment. You only need to spend about 8 minutes in a day and within four weeks, you will notice changes.


The program has been created by Alexander Larsson, a full-time professional flexibility and pelvic floor strength expert. He has so far helped over 16,000 women with his stretching techniques.

His methods are used by different gym professionals while working with their clients. Everything that Alexander teaches to his clients has been covered in the Hyperbolic Stretching 2.0 Course.

best stretching course

#2 Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Tight hip flexors are one of the common issues affecting mostly women. It is even more difficult to realize that you are suffering from tight hip flexors since the doctors can fail to identify it.

If you spend most of your time seated while working, your hip flexors will become tight. You need to find the most appropriate way of stretching to get rid of this problem.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

We love this program because it trains you harder, and helps you to achieve peak performance day after day after day. 

An added plus is that it helps to rapidly drop ugly body fat that stubbornly clings to your body.

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

If you have never known, hip flexors can cause complications such as;

  • Walking discomforts
  • Digestion complications
  • Loss of sexual performance
  • Compromised Immune system
  • Sleep deprivation

Unlock Your Hip Flexors program covers the core areas of your body that you need to focus on while carrying out your stretches.

Each of the stretch movements has been illustrated by clear diagrams enabling you to follow easily.

Furthermore, the program contains strategies used by leading Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaseji.

Rick is one of the greatest healthcare professionals who has helped many clients to come out of their injury problems.

Most of Rick’s pain injury recovery techniques involve following the right sequence while carrying out the stretches to reap more benefits. This is what you will exactly receive in this program.


This program has been created by Mike Westerdal who is a national best-selling fitness author, a sports nutrition specialist and founder of

He has worked with a number of clients by offering them suggestions on how they can lead a healthy lifestyle. In this program, he shares some of the stretching tips he offers his clients. He has also included tips from other experts in the field.


  • It is easy to follow the program
  • Contains picture illustrations on the different stretch angles.
  • Improves body flexibility and strength.
  • Movements work well with different types of body tissues
  • Rapid results experience after using the program
  • Appropriate for people who spend most of their time sitting


  • It can take some time to see some results, but still worth trying

Learn more: Unlock Your Hip Flexors

best stretching course

#3 Shapeshifter Yoga

Are you one of those people struggling to get rid of extra pounds and inches from your body? Well, when it comes to losing the extra pounds, there are a number of alternatives available for you. Some prefer joining the gym to carry out intensive exercises.

What if someone tells you that there is a new way of shedding extra pounds without going to the gym? Yes, you just read it right. No gym.


shape shifter

Shapeshifter Yoga

We love this course because it is a fraction of what you pay to get continuous yoga instruction.

It really is a complete set to get your sexiest body without any crunches, cardio, or gym memberships.

Full Transparency: We are affiliates for this program

Shapeshifter Yoga is a great alternative to lose weight. You do not need to spend so many hours joining the gym or pay for gym memberships since you can carry it out from your home. 

Besides helping you to lose weight faster, Shapeshifter yoga program can help you to learn the best yoga practices to improve your life in other aspects. 

It can help you to sleep better, get rid of anxiety, banish tension and soothe your everyday aches and pains.

Now when we talk of yoga, I know there are a number of myths that you probably know. These myths have prevented you from joining yoga training.

Some of them include:

Myth 1: The only way of getting rid of extra fat is by carrying out vigorous intensive exercises for a long time.

Truth: A series of yoga moves can help you to lose a number of calories. The benefit of using yoga to burn calories is that the exercise does not leave you out of breath or havoc joints.

Myth 2: No pain, no gain when it comes to building musclesThis is a common phrase you will see mounted on the gym wall. If you believe in this statement, it is time you reconsider your views.

Truth: Yoga is a great exercise that does not need you to lift weights. In fact, the weight that you are lifting while doing yoga is the weight of your body.

Yoga is also a great exercise that can be used to get rid of stress hormones. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can negatively affect your health. 

It can also lead to weight gain. You can lower the levels of cortisol in your body by carrying out yoga regularly.


This stretching program has been created by Kris Fondran, a former long-distance marathon runner who turned to yoga.

Since discovering yoga, Kris has described it as one of the best anti-aging medicine out there. Almost in her forties, Kris says that yoga makes her feel 20 years younger.  

In this course, she takes you through all the yoga techniques that she has learned over the years.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Shapeshifter Yoga program.


  • The course has been designed by a yoga expert.
  • It has a perfect schedule-you can follow the program anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to follow steps
  • Unlimited access to instructional videos
  • The program is tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Have 60 days money-back guarantee
  • The perfect program even for the yoga newbies


  • Takes a little longer to notice the changes

Stretching is one of the best ancient ways of exercising your body. The above courses offer different strategies on all you need to do to make sure that your body is ripped.

Besides, most of these courses have a money-back guarantee meaning that you will not be wasting your money on courses that are not working for you.

No need to spend hours in the gym with the above best stretching courses.

Learn More: Shapeshifter Yoga

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