Best Stretches for Growing Taller

Best Stretches for Growing Taller

Are you one of those people who are always forced to crane your neck to see the front or talk to taller people? Well, sometimes it is so annoying.

Imagine being looked down upon by your colleagues at your workplace or school just because you are short?

You will learn some of the best stretches for growing taller in this guide.

From the experience of my friends, some prefer using some medicines and other treatments to increase their height. Most of these treatments have their side effects and they do not have a 100% guarantee.

The best way of increasing your height is by carrying out the appropriate exercises and combining a good diet. 

The height of a human being is influenced by several factors such as nutrition, the environment, and genes. Proper stretch exercises will ensure that you have strengthened and toned your muscles. 

This will trigger the release of the appropriate growth hormones for height gain. The purpose of maintaining a good diet is to ensure that the hormones remain active throughout. 

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Stretching Exercises to Grow Taller

There is a wide range of stretching exercises that are available to increase your height. All these exercises work on different parts of your body. 

However, the spine remains to be the focus on these stretching exercises to help you grow taller. Other stretch exercises focus on other parts of your body to strengthen them and lengthen them.

In this article, I will give you a list of the top 9 best stretch exercises. These stretch exercises discussed below should be carried out 2-4 times a week to achieve the best growth results

You can also carry out these exercises to correct your posture. 

Exercise #1: Bar Hanging

This is one of the best ways of tackling your height problem. There is so much evidence to show that hanging from a bar can increase your height.  

It is important to note that gravity affects your height due to the compression of spines and joints that squeezes the cartilages giving you shorter appearance. 

Bar hanging stretches the spine and lower torso thus increasing your height.

To get started with this stretch, you need to find an appropriate place to hang your bar. 

Care should be taken when choosing your hanging place and ensure that the place is strong enough to withstand your weight to avoid falls. 

Jump and hold the bar to begin the stretch. Try to touch the ground with your shoes while carrying out the stretch. You can carry out as many stretches as you wish.

Best Stretches for Growing Taller

Exercise #2: Single Leg Hopping

This is one of the common fun exercises that you are familiar with already. Single leg hopping is one of those stretch exercises that can significantly increase your height. 

It strengthens the abdominal muscles and it can play a great role in working out the lower body.

To carry out this stretch exercise, hop on the left leg for at least 10 times while holding your hands up to the sky. Also, shift to the right leg and hop for the same number of times.

The good thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere and anytime.

The bouncing nature of the exercises releases the growth hormones and strengthens your legs and develops the brain. 

Exercise #3: Side Stretch Exercise

The side stretch exercise plays an important role in strengthening the intercostal muscles and elongating them.

To carry out this exercise, you need to stand straight with the feet together. Clasp the hands together and let them go over your head.

Slowly begin bending your body to the right and hold the stretch for about 15-20 seconds. Get your body back to the starting position and carry out the same exercise to the left.

When carrying out this exercise, ensure that you feel the muscles pulling along with the body beginning from the lower back to the shoulder.

It will increase the height and the growth of your body muscles.

Exercise 4: Forward Spine Stretch

To carry out this exercise, you need to sit down on a mat or a flat surface with the feet in front of you. Stretch out the legs so that they are shoulder apart.

Make sure you sit as tall as you can from the base of the spine. Extend the arms in front of you as you inhale. When carrying out this, you should try to stretch your arms further to see whether you can touch the tips of the toes.

If you can touch the toe tips, try to stretch more to keep the spine flexed to the maximum.

In the beginning, the exercise can appear to be quite difficult but with time, one can easily pick up.

Exercise 5: Cycling

Cycling is one of the best exercises to carry out to increase your height. If you are in your teens, cycling is one of the most appropriate exercises that can bring out a great difference in your height.

Most people attain their maximum height during their teenage years.

While cycling, your legs will go through a strenuous process that will stretch and move your muscles.

This strenuous exercise will increase the flow of blood and make your muscles more flexible so that they can grow.

Exercise 6: Cobra Stretch

If you are a yoga enthusiast, you probably know the exercise that I am talking about. The primary goal of the cobra stretch exercise is to stretch the spine thus making it more flexible.

The cobra stretch is also important in the growth of the vertebrae cartilages thus increasing the vertical height.

To carry out this stretch, make sure you lie on the ground while facing down and position the hands in front of the shoulders.

Form an elevated angle by arching your spine. Always make sure you arch as far as possible.

With 3 to 4 stretches, you should be done with your exercises.

Best Stretches for Growing Taller

Exercise 7: Swimming

A favorite summertime activity, swimming is one of the excellent exercises to increase your height. 

As a pastime activity, swimming gives you the chance to carry out several leg strokes that influence your growth. 

Swimming can increase the height since it involves the stretching of the ligaments, tendons, and the spine. The perfect motion associated with swimming can also increase your height. 

You can carry out swimming for about 5 hours a week. 

Exercise #8: Basketball

Basketball is one of the best stretch exercises that can increase your height. 

As an exercise, basketball integrates several activities that can increase the growth of the muscles through the creation of muscle tension. 

Jumping activities during the exercise increase focus and blood supply throughout the entire body.

Get started by joining a basketball team and with time, you will observe an increase in your height with a few inches.

Exercise #9: Inversion Table

The inversion table is one of the best gym equipment that you can use to carry out stretching exercises. It plays an important role in decompressing the spine and other body joints.

It can also help you to relax your muscles after a long period or after a heavy workout. To carry out this exercise, you need to secure your feet at the base of the inversion table and adjust it accordingly to ensure the feet are securely locked.

After securing the feet, raise the arms above the body to tilt the inversion table. This exercise will also rotate the body upside down.

You remain in the position for a few seconds before reverting. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Stretches for Growing Taller

As I indicated at the beginning of the article, consistency is key to gain the benefits associated with the above stretch exercises. You should carry out the above exercises for at least 5 days a week.

Other factors such as sleep and diet can also influence your height.

If you want to become taller, you should insist on a diet that is rich in Vitamin D, Calcium, iron and other elements that are associated with the growth hormones.

Have a good mattress to sleep on.

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  • How to Grow Taller Overnight? – Making sure that you are sleeping on a straight supporting mattress in the right posture. Avoid curving your back as it can cause the spine to bend.
  • What are some stretches to grow taller before bed? – You can carry out some push-ups before getting to bed to stretch your muscles. You only need to set a target of your pushups and focus on carrying them out daily before getting to sleep.
  • What are some exercises to grow taller in a week? – Common exercises for growing taller in a week include swimming, single-leg hopping, cycling, and many others. Carrying out these exercises 2-3 times a week will increase your height.


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